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Ohio Teen Driving Information

The Ohio Traffic Safety Office is simplifying the process to find information needed for obtaining a driver’s permit. All documents relevant to teen driver training and obtaining an Ohio driver’s license are now all available online. A QR code linking to the Ohio Driver’s Permit Packet will also be displayed at all Ohio BMV driver exam stations and deputy registrar license agencies.

The new guide is designed to answer the most common questions that teen drivers and parents have about getting licensed to drive in Ohio. It also addresses teen driver safety risks like impaired driving and distracted driving and outlines the importance of following speed limits,  limiting passengers, and wearing seatbelts. Although this information has always been available on the Ohio BMV website, it has not been packaged together in one place until now. 

As a division within the Ohio Department of Public Safety, OTSO’s mission is to save lives and reduce injuries on Ohio’s roads through leadership and partnering efforts with others interested in traffic safety, utilizing the most innovative and efficient methods possible of managing state and federal resources. Ohio Traffic Safety Office | Department of Public Safety

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