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Spirit Song

Listen all week, June 12th-16th to win tickets to Spirit Song Festival,

June 22nd-24th, at Kings Island near Cincinnati.  

Artists include…..

Skillet,Toby Mac,Tedashii and more

Win tickets for one day or all three days!  

Check out the days and times of giveaways below!

 Thursday 6/15




Friday 6/16




6 Responses to "Spirit Song"

  • traecy lagrou
    June 1, 2016 - 7:14 pm Reply

    Concert ticket giveaway. ….do we text or call in to win?
    Whats the number?
    Im getting ready!!!!!
    Want it on speed dial :)
    Sooooo excited!
    God Bless♡

    • Jo Silva
      June 6, 2016 - 7:46 pm Reply

      You call in to win 419-240-1937 when you hear the Spirit Song sounder and the DJ announces what caller number is needed to win.

  • Erica Leugers
    June 7, 2016 - 9:11 pm Reply

    How can my husband and I become ambassadors again for spirit song this year? We enjoyed helping out last time and would love to help again! :)

    • Jo Silva
      June 10, 2016 - 6:17 pm Reply

      We saw that you signed up again! I believe it will be randomly chosen.

  • Tammy Kwiatkowski
    June 1, 2017 - 4:36 pm Reply

    I heard the Sounder say that casting Crowns would be there, but no mention of skillet. I’m confused!!

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