Deck the Halls

This past summer, after almost 4 years, YES FM’s north hallway and its rooms were finally restored after smoke and water damage. But now the hallway and the rooms are left standing mostly bare.

Can you help YES FM Deck the Halls?

Deck the Halls banner

To donate, you can either:

Make a general donation and leave the choices to our discretion by clicking here.

Make a specific donation for specific items by clicking here and sending us an email to letting her know what you are donating for.

Choose and purchase the item for us. If you are purchasing a specific item, please get management approval first. You can drop off the item, we can pick it up, or you can have it shipped to us. Call Kim at 419-389-0893 or email her at if you would like to do this option.

Or for all three options, call 419-389-0893 weekdays 9am to 4pm.

Thank you for decking the halls at YES FM!

conference room

Conference Room

  • big whiteboard
  • big-framed YES FM logo to hang on the wall
  • desk or counter for phone and refreshments, storage
dj lounge

DJ Lounge

  • Sleeper love seat (If a DJ needs to stay the night because of snow storms)
  • blankets and pillows
  • High top table and chairs
chris' office

Chris’ Office

  • Softer lighting lamp
  • Pictures for walls
  • A reclining chair for guests and power naps


  • pictures
  • framed Bible verses
yes FM logo


  • Desk for worship stream equipment

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