I am a Lima native, who started listening to YesFM as a teenager.  After high school, I spent 4 years at Bible College in Canada, before moving to the Hocking Hills region in Southeast Ohio.  I pastored for a few years in Logan, Ohio until moving back to Lima 2010.  

 After returning to Lima, I began to take interest in the hotel industry.  There is something about investing in people from all over the world who come into a hotel that made me see how diverse this world is and how much people need small doses of encouragement.  Even for small moments at a time, I noticed the impact that kind words and a positive attitude can have on people’s lives who are traveling and going through transitions large or small.  They may not have an instant life change, but the small seeds of positivity and God’s love will stay in a person’s mind to be brought out when needed.  As a hotel manager, I began to crave to make more of a difference: An eternal difference in ministry again.  It was at this point, I joined the YesFM team in 2021 and currently strive to make an eternal difference with the ministry of YesFM, while continuing in the hotel industry.  Listening to and enjoying the music of YesFM while working for YesFM is the best job I could ask for. 

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