Yes FM’s Model Family Contest

Congratulations to the Green Family and the Ibarra Family, co-winners of our Model Family Contest.

They each win a family portrait session. Photo services courtesy of J. Mendez Photos of Grand Rapids, Ohio and K. Ranae Photography, Bellefontaine, Ohio.

The Ibarra Family: Ashlie, Eddie, Ashtin, Eddrick, Edie, and Edson.

YES FM means so very much to my family, and I’ll explain why.

We have not always been this happy smiley family. My name is Ashlie, and I am a recovering addict. I struggled for over a decade, and wasn’t always present for my babies.

I finally found the Lord, and with His strength, He helped me to overcome my obstacles. I have now been four and a half years sober, and can honestly say that Yes FM has been a huge factor in my recovery.

When I’m having bad days, I now have a beautiful playlist provided by YES FM. I find peace and strength in the words and lyrics I hear. So you see, YES FM really does mean everything to me.

I can now see the beauty in life, and I have hope for tomorrow. I have the Lord, and those amazing artists, as well as your ministry to thank. Thank you so very much. You’re constantly changing lives. I hope that you know that.

Ashlie Ibarra, St. Mary’s, OH.

The Green Family: Jessica, Randy, Wyatt, and Selah.

YES FM has been a part of our family for over 15 years.

My husband and I first started listening to it in our early to mid-20’s as a young married couple, building our marriage and our faith.

As we struggled through infertility, failed adoptions, and eventually started a family through adoption, YES FM has encouraged us with music along the way.

As our kids grew, YES FM was always on in the car providing safe music that we all liked. Now that our kids are in middle school, 12 and 14, we’re so thankful for YES FM and the music you provide, that reaches not only the younger generation, but even us parents.

Our son loves rap, and we never have to worry about it on YES FM. Our daughter is a dancer, and has introduced her dance teacher and other dancers to Christian music because of what you play.

Your radio station has impacted our family, impacted our children, and in turn our children are able to impact those around them. We are a Yes FM model family.

– Jessica Green, Lima, OH

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