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Movies You May Want to Avoid - Updated 11/28/2022

Strange World

Review from STRANGE WORLD – Movieguide | Movie Reviews for Christians

STRANGE WORLD is an animated action adventure from Disney. It follows three generations of explorers. Jaeger Clade, the grandfather, is obsessed with his legacy. He wants to be the first explorer with his son, Searcher, to reach the other side of the mountains surrounding their homeland, Avalonia. However, his father’s obsession causes them to part ways. Searcher returns home with a plant called pando that he discovered in the mountains. The plant is a technological breakthrough. When the pando crops start dying, Searcher and his family, including his son, are flung into a mission to save their home. As they travel through a strange new world beneath, they discover the truth about their family’s legacy.

Though it has some pro-family values that extol forgiveness, they’re spoiled by an unapologetic, politically correct homosexual agenda. For example, the teenage grandson flirts with another boy. STRANGE WORLD has a politically correct, unscientific attitude against “fossil fuels.” 



Rated R for strong sexual content, nudity, language throughout and drug and alcohol use

Synopsis: Two gay men with commitment problems attempt a relationship. “BROS” is the first major studio film to feature an all LGBTQ principal cast playing heterosexual roles.

In the Middle East and parts of Asia, “Bros” has been banned according to IndieWire. Their source claims that Middle East markets will not release the film “due to cultural and commercial reasons.”

Here is more insight on “Bros” from The Babylon Bee

Movie Targeting 2% Of Americans Fails At Box Office | Babylon Bee

Another movie in a similar situation is “Lightyear”


Rated PG

From “One Disney reviewer predicted Lightyear might be Pixar’s first PG-13 film due to “moments of peril…and over inclusion of LGBTQ+ content”. It did end up with a PG rating, similar to “Turning Red” and almost a dozen other Disney Pixar films.”

Fourteen nations in the Middle East and Asia have banned the Pixar movie “Lightyear” from being featured in their theaters over the inclusion of a same-sex couple. The report from Reuters cites a source familiar with the matter.

Christmas Story 11/21/22 - Christmas 2022

Streaming now on HBO Max, we now have a sequel to the 1983 movie “The Christmas Story”! Set in 1973, “A Christmas Story Christmas” centers around the old man’s passing before Christmas, and it’s up to Ralphie to find a way to keep the joy in Christmas. It’s the return of Ralphie, Randy, Flick, Schwartz, and Scut Farkus’ original actors! “A Christmas Story” fans, you can tour the actual Christmas Story house – where the movie was shot in Cleveland – now through New Year’s Eve! for tickets. 

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Positive Chats Podcast 11/18/22 - 'It's Christmas Again' Movie. Interview with Trisha Owen, Actress

It’s Christmas Again trailer


Positive Chats Podcast 11/18/22 - 'It's Christmas Again' Movie. Interview with Trisha Owen, Actress

It’s Christmas Again trailer


Positive Chats Podcast 11/10/22 - Giovanni Cairo talks about the third season of The Chosen
Should Christians Watch Horror Movies? - 10/19/22

Should Christians watch horror films? That is between you and the Lord. We don’t endorse it, but if you must, here are some suggestions from

Five Horror Films Christians Should See | Think Christian

First Responders - Movie - 10/17/22

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Coming to Theaters October 24 & 25.

First Responders Shares Powerful Drama of Local Heroes Struggle with PTSD

“We wanted to create a film that celebrates the bravery of our first responders, but also gives a very honest look at their struggles,” shares Writer and Executive Producer Rick Eldridge.  “We hope the film can open up conversations that lead to healing, to strengthened marriages, and the community at large supporting our local heroes.”

FIRST RESPONDERS celebrates the vitality of marriage and the bonds of friendship that carry firefighters, police, and EMTs through their challenges. This inspirational film shares the story of Karen Williams, a trauma therapist who has witnessed firsthand the special courage that shapes those who work in emergency services. But when her husband Mark, a career firefighter, returns from a life-changing blaze, she discovers that a degree and years of counseling first responders has done little to prepare her for the challenge of helping her husband battle PTSD.  Unable to see a path to save her marriage, Karen turns to God and celebrates the truth that through Him all things are possible. Perhaps no one knows this better than the brave men and women who provide emergency services: the ones we call “first responders.”

The film is directed by Stephan Schultze (GOD’S COMPASS); written by Rick Eldridge (THE MULLIGAN), Jimmy Hager (WHEN WE LAST SPOKE), and Stephan Schultze; and stars Cameron Arnett (I STILL BELIEVE), Karen Boles (OVERCOMER), and Mari White (PREACHER’S KID). FIRST RESPONDERS was created in a partnership between Reelworks Studios and Liberty University’s Cinematic Arts Program.  

Fathom Events and Reelworks will host FIRST RESPONDERS in movie theaters nationwide on October 24 and 25 7:00 p.m. local time. For a complete list of theater locations, visit the Fathom Events website (theaters and participants are subject to change). Tickets are available today at and participating theater box offices.


Running the Bases - Movie - 10/17/22

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Running the Bases is A fictitious story about a small-town baseball coach, Luke Brooks, that gets the offer of a lifetime from a larger High School in the Dallas area, he uproots his family and leaves the only home he’s ever known in small town Arkansas. But as a man of faith, he soon faces extreme opposition to his coaching methods from the school superintendent. 

Running the Bases is rated PG for Thematic content, some violence, and mild language.

The movie stars:

Brett Varvel: American Underdog, Playing the Flute

Gigi Orsillo: Family Camp, Pursuit of Freedom

Cameron Arnett: Overcomer, I Still Believe

If you are like me, you immediately think his coaching methods center around talking about his faith. While that is true, it is not his focus. Values of sacrifice and teamwork play a big part in his coaching philosophy, and he doesn’t cram Jesus down the team’s throats. 

What really ticked off the Superintendent Michael Jamison is that Luke and his son, Joshua, would pray at home plate before each game, then run the bases in memory of his brother that died due to a heart condition while running the bases after a hit while in high school. Also, the superintendent’s son came to Christ through Luke’s family’s example and through conversations with Joshua.

The movie focuses on love of family, self-sacrifice, and following God’s will, while Luke struggles balance family and his calling. In tough situations, we need to trust and wait on the Lord.

God used the movie to impact me in my struggle over fear. Toward the end of the movie someone tells Luke, that he is a disrupter. God spoke to me with that as I sometimes can be a people pleaser or I don’t want to irritate anyone. Jesus irritated people and disrupted the whole world! And with my position at YES FM, I cannot be afraid to “sell” the ministry and ask for donations and support.

I would rate this movie a 3 out of 10 on the Christian Cheesy scale (a good thing), as the acting, script, and cinematography are pretty good compared to what comes out of Hollywood.

It is a very clean movie all around. There is a fist fight between some of the players and there is a scene where the Superintendent slaps his son. There are some moments of anger. Don’t let the “mild language” concern you, there are no “bad words” that I heard in the movie. 

It is likely no longer in theaters, but certainly watch for it on streaming platforms and where you rent movies.

Find more information on Running the Bases at


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