Running the Bases Movie Review

Running the Bases is A fictitious story about a small-town baseball coach, Luke Brooks, that gets the offer of a lifetime from a larger High School in the Dallas area, he uproots his family and leaves the only home he’s ever known in small town Arkansas. But as a man of faith, he soon faces extreme opposition to his coaching methods from the school superintendent. 

Running the Bases is rated PG for Thematic content, some violence, and mild language.

The movie stars:

Brett Varvel: American Underdog, Playing the Flute

Gigi Orsillo: Family Camp, Pursuit of Freedom

Cameron Arnett: Overcomer, I Still Believe

If you are like me, you immediately think his coaching methods center around talking about his faith. While that is true, it is not his focus. Values of sacrifice and teamwork play a big part in his coaching philosophy, and he doesn’t cram Jesus down the team’s throats. 

What really ticked off the Superintendent Michael Jamison is that Luke and his son, Joshua, would pray at home plate before each game, then run the bases in memory of his brother that died due to a heart condition while running the bases after a hit while in high school. Also, the superintendent’s son came to Christ through Luke’s family’s example and through conversations with Joshua.

The movie focuses on love of family, self-sacrifice, and following God’s will, while Luke struggles balance family and his calling. In tough situations, we need to trust and wait on the Lord.

God used the movie to impact me in my struggle over fear. Toward the end of the movie someone tells Luke, that he is a disrupter. God spoke to me with that as I sometimes can be a people pleaser or I don’t want to irritate anyone. Jesus irritated people and disrupted the whole world! And with my position at YES FM, I cannot be afraid to “sell” the ministry and ask for donations and support.

I would rate this movie a 3 out of 10 on the Christian Cheesy scale (a good thing), as the acting, script, and cinematography are pretty good compared to what comes out of Hollywood.

It is a very clean movie all around. There is a fist fight between some of the players and there is a scene where the Superintendent slaps his son. There are some moments of anger. Don’t let the “mild language” concern you, there are no “bad words” that I heard in the movie. 

It is likely no longer in theaters, but certainly watch for it on streaming platforms and where you rent movies.

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