2022 YES FM Spring Share-a-thon

The YES FM Radio Network

Our world has become so desolate. The pandemic and war are only small parts of the cause.

Just like the desert is dry and empty, people are spiritually dry and empty.

Everything the world can offer will wither and still leave one empty. Jesus is the only thing that can quench a thirsty world.

“Whoever believes in Me, as the Scripture has said: ‘Streams of living water will flow from within him.’” John 7:38 (BSB)

Let’s look at the music the world has to offer. It is definitely dark and without hope, and certainly does not bring life. We see it in the music genres so popular in the culture right now. In the vast array of music listening options, there are limited options of life-giving programming, especially in the genres of music that YES FM plays. There are even fewer options that minister to listener on a one-on-one, hands-on manner.

The YES FM Radio Network provides life-giving music, streams of living water, through our online streams worldwide, and our FM broadcasts that flow through the air throughout Northwest Ohio. Not only do we provide music, we provide one-on-one ministry by connecting with our audience through a variety of means. This is something online music sources cannot provide.

That is why we are coming to you to join us in this mission to provide streams of living water through the YES FM Radio Network during our Spring Share-a-thon, April 25 through May 6

Three needs will be met:

The first will be to replenish our Operations Fund so we can continue providing streams of living Christ-centered music and programming through our broadcasts and streams.

The second is to upgrade our listener engagement software to better connect with our listeners.

Our final need is to cover unexpected and additional costs arising from having to switch to a newer model of a studio control board.

To meet these needs, we must reach our 2022 Spring Share-a-thon goal of $120,000.

To be successful, we must raise 50% of our goal, or $60,000, in matching gifts prior to the start of Spring Share-a-thon on April 25.

I am asking you to make a generous one-time gift to the 2022 YES FM Spring Share-a-thon Matching Gift Fund.

Any gift of $500 or more made by clicking here will be doubled during the live broadcast of our 2022 Spring Share-a-thon.

Any gift less than $500 made by clicking here will go toward our Spring Share-a-thon goal of $120,000 to give us a head start on Share-a-thon.

You can also call to give, Monday through Friday, 9am to 4pm at 419-389-0893.

No matter how much you give, it will play a significant role in helping us reach our $120,000 by May 6.

Remember, “A generous person will be prosperous, and one who gives others plenty of water will himself be given plenty.”

Proverbs 11:25 (NASB)

If you respond by April 25, we will mail you a Bonus Thank You Gift in appreciation for your help in establishing the YES FM Spring Share-a-thon Matching Gift Fund!

2022 Spring Share-a-thon Thank You Gifts

To view Thank You Gifts and their descriptions click the button below.

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