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Jeff Howe

My name is Jeff Howe, C.O.O. of YES Family Ministries and Station Manager of the YES FM Radio Network. Thank you for checking out the new YES Family Ministries website. It is currently under construction with a target go live date of October 1, 2022.

The Goal of YES Family Ministries is to provide a website for every member of the family that is both fun and informative. Through podcasts, blogs, videos, and links to resources, we will provide a wide variety of information for the entire family as well as each member of the family.

Information on large variety of topics for parents, mom, dad, husband, wife, kids, pre-teens, teens, and young adults, also single, married, dating, and newlyweds. And we’ll have a lot of fun stuff as well!

If you would like more information and if you would like to contribute to the website in some way, email me at Here are some of the people that will contribute to the site:

Jennifer Brake
Kids Ministry
Kayla Minniear
Video Games
Sara Brown
Youth Ministry
Chris Shannon
Pop Culture
Chef Dion
Kregg Walter
Secular Music Reviews
Jennifer Brake

Jennifer Brake is a wife to her husband Jedidiah for 20 yrs. They have three boys Gideon 19, Benjamin 16 and Clay 9. Jennifer and Jedidiah are the co-pastors at the Leipsic Church of the Nazarene in Leipsic OH. Jennifer is a graduate of MVNU with a degree in Childrens Ministry & a Missions minor. Jennifer is an ordained elder in the Church of the Nazarene. Children and families are her passion! Jennifer enjoys reading for pleasure, but is currently in school for her Masters of Ministry Degree from MVNU, so it’s more text book reading these days. Her favorite season is fall & she loves football games (she’s a Cleveland Browns fan by heart but the family cheers for the Buffalo Bills). Jennifer also is a substitute teacher for the Leipsic Schools and enjoys working in the elementary school. As a new DJ Jennifer was excited and nervous to be on the air but is gaining her confidence daily & is having fun with it, she is exited for our new family website as she can help impact families with children as her focus! 

Kayla Minniear

Hi! I’m Kayla. Music Manager at Yes Fm, a small business owner of a retro video game store in Northwest, Ohio, and also an organizer to one of Ohio’s biggest video game conventions. I am a rhythm, Japanese import, and retro video game fanatic. My first memory of video games was playing Kirby’s Adventure on my dad’s original nintendo. My husband and I bond over collecting and playing video games – we even built a life surrounded by them, and some of my greatest friendships have been developed through the gaming industry. I am excited to write about all things video games – from video game reviews to the best games for playing with friends and family, to discovering hidden gems, insight on the video game industry and market, and just the hobby of collecting video games in general. My favorite game is Bust – A -Groove 2, and I own multiple American and Japanese copies. If you are wondering why – it’s because you can actually play a game so much that the game disc becomes unplayable ??.

Sara Brown

Hello friends!

My name is Sara Brown. I am the Youth Pastor at Delphos First Assembly and have been involved with the youth for about five years. I have a passion for the teens of our community and love making connections with them. I will be sharing various blogs and videos for both teens and their families to enjoy. I would also love to share resources for Youth Pastors, leaders, and even parents in hopes of giving yoh a deeper look into the life of the teens around you.

Chris Shannon

I’m Chris Shannon – one half of the Wake Up Call morning show with Jeff and Chris. Even as a kid, I was obsessed with media, and pop culture. Pretty much all of the behind the scenes stories that makes celebrities tick, to how their influence influences us to think and behave. From ad agencies persuading us to shout “WHAZZUP!”, to the #FreeBritney movement, after a decade living in working in Los Angeles, it will be fun presenting an inside look at – what Michael Scott from ’The Office’ would almost say – “Why are we the way we are.”

Chef Dion

Chef Dion has over 10yrs of professional culinary experience in the restaurant industry and private catering, a Culinary Arts Business degree, a passion for all things food related, and using his talents to bless all of God’s people.

He attributes his passion for food to his aunt teaching him how to make fudge at the age of 10 and has been cooking ever since He also a military veteran, husband, father of two adult children, and a grandfather. Oh, and he’s also one of Yes FM’s DJs.

Chef Dion will be sharing his lifelong passion for all things food related, including some recipes, tips, ways to include the whole family in meal preparation, current food trends, and so much more.

Kregg Walter

I currently spend most of my time working as a part-time DJ, bringing your favorite foods to your door(dashing), or in the gym. I LOVE learning about and listening to music and diving deeper into artists, music, and meaning behind songs.

Lots of hours in the gym or long hours behind the wheel leave me with plenty of opportunities to be aware of current music across the board. I’ll be bringing you breakdowns and reviews of current artists and bands that are widely played today.

Feel free to check the progress as we get closer to October 1, 2022.

And if you are looking for music for each member of the family, make sure you check out our variety of music streams and programs:


The Radio station the Whole Family Can Agree On at and the free yes fm app for Android and iPhone.

YES FM Classic

The Best Christian Rock, Rap, Dance, and Pop prior to 2010. Every day from 4am to 8pm Eastern at and the free Yes FM Classic app for Android and iPhone.

The Loud Planet

Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, and Screamo, both new and old. Every day from 8pm to 4am Eastern at and the free Yes FM Classic app for Android and iPhone.

YES FM Worship

Worship Every Day with the best modern worship music at and the free YES FM Worship app for Android and iPhone.

*Coming August 25, 2022* Country Church Radio, Christian Hits and Positive Country. Weekdays 5pm to 5am Eastern and all day Saturday at and the free YES FM Worship app for Android and iPhone. YES FM Worship will move to weekdays 5am to 5pm Eastern and all day Sunday.

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